Alarm and Monitoring Systems



Our service engineers, trained by Samsung (S&SYS) in Korea, are both certified and capable of repairing all Samsung Alarm and Monitoring Systems (AMS), from SSAS-21B and SSAS-21C, developed back in 1993 and 1998 respectively to SSAS-PRO, developed in 2004 and SSAS-Master, launched in 2007.

SASS-Master is an automatic control system solution based on AMS (Alarm Monitoring System), ICMS (Integrated Control and Monitoring System) and PMS (Power Management System).
This system was optimized to all commercial ships and special purpose ships such as oil tankers, container ships, Ro-Ro, cruise ships and shuttle tanks.
Also, by applying fieldbus, it has easy expandability of I/O cabinet, and the application of 8/16/32/48 channel device means reduction of cabinet capacity.

S&SYS developed the IAS based on its rich knowledge and experience in shipbuilding industry especially related with LNG vessels and special vessels.
Since IAS is designed into an innovative dual system from advanced workstation to I/O cards in the sub-category, it can detect and control all malfunctions.
LNG Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU), Fuel Gas Storage & Supply System (FGSS).