PURIMAR system is a safe and eco-friendly ballast water management system, as it meets regulations of IMO D-2 as it effectively eliminates organisms harmful to ecosystem and underwater environment and, at the same time, it reduces active materials used in the process of sterilization process to the harmless level for environment and discharges them thereafter.

PURIMAR has acquired the IMO basic approval and the final approval in October 2010 and July 2011 respectively. In October 2011 it gained the governmental type approval. In October 2013 and May 2014, it gained the USCG AMS (Alternate Management System) approvals for the round electrode model and the improved round electrode model respectively. PURIMAR has also acquired the USCG type approval in June 2018.

At ballasting, the ballast water treatment process performed by PURIMAR comprises two main unit operations:

  • Mechanical separation (filtering)
  • Disinfection

purimar ballasting

At de-ballasting, a neutralization unit decreases the total residual Samsung-oxidants (TRO) concentration before discharge if required.

purimar deballasting


  • Small footprint and easy installation in vessel
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost maintenance
  • No increase of corrosion
  • Using small amount of salt water (<1% of total flow) in low salinity (<10PSU)
  • No hazardous material to be handled or stocked on board
  • Qualified world-wide service network & single service contact
  • Easy control, automatic operation
  • System integration with other automation systems