Purimar™ system is a safe and eco-friendly ballast water management system, as it meets regulations of IMO D-2 as it effectively eliminates organisms harmful to ecosystem and underwater environment and, at the same time, it reduces active materials used in the process of sterilization process to the harmless level for environment and discharges them thereafter.

The PURIMAR™ system won IMO (International Maritime Organization) basic approval and final approval in October 2010 and July 2011, respectively. It was subsequently given type approval by the government in October 2011, and US Coast Guard AMS(Alternate Management System) approval in October 2013 initially and for the upgraded version in May 2014 and Feb 2015, thus obtaining all the performance certifications.

At ballasting, the ballast water treatment process performed by the PurimarTM System comprises two main unit operation:

  • Mechanical separation (filtering)
  • Disinfection

At de-ballasting, a neutralization unit decreases the total residual Samsung-oxidants (TRO) concentration before discharge if required.


  • Small footprint and easy installation in vessel
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost maintenance
  • No increase of corrosion
  • Using a little salt water (<1% of total flow)in low salinity (<10PSU)
  • Using various heat source of ship for warming a little seawater(<1% of total flow) in low temperature (<10?)
  • Non hazardous material to be handled or stocked on board
  • Qualified world-wide service network & single service contact
  • Easy control, automatic operation by SSAS
  • System integration with other automation systems

Please find below latest updates concerning our Ballast Water Treatment System Purimar.


  • USCG Tests successfully completed
  • European Training Center and Spare Parts center in DCSI Premises in Piraeus
  • World-class Brand (Samsung) – Global After Sales support
  • Low operational & maintenance cost
  • User friendly operation
  • Space - saving design & Optimized Retrofit

We are proud to inform you that the required tests for USCG final Type Approval have been completed successfully (15 land based tests with sea, brackish and fresh water respectively, 5 onboard tests as well as components and environmental tests).

Purimar is now at the stage of completing documents and test reports to be submitted to USCG for final application and will revert with detailed approval schedule in the near future.

On top of that we would like to focus your attention on the fact that our principals have established in our office - based in Piraeus, the European Spare Parts Center to avoid delays of spare parts deliveries as well as the European Training Center for Purimar.

This arrangement allows your personnel to have easy access to training, simulation and familiarization with the system as well as to troubleshooting instructions when required.

Thanks to its Auto-cleaning 50μm Samsung filter followed by side stream electrolysis (only 0,5% of the total ballast water capacity needs to be treated), Purimar has very low operational & maintenance cost.

Purimar has 354 references in Korean, Chinese and Japanese shipyards while our clientele consists of major shipping firms, 30% of which are Greek shipowners such as Minerva Marine, Aegean Shipping, TMS Tankers, Gaslog LNG and Chandris Hellas.

Always at your disposal.