Type Approved by: ABS, RRS, NK, LR, KR, DNV GL, BV

The Water Ingress Detection System is suitable for fitting in bulk carriers, to comply with SOLAS chapter XII Regulation 12-13, also IACS Unified Requirement S24 respecting Hold, Ballast and Dry Space Water Ingress Alarms.
The system meets the requirements of the IMO Performance Standards for Water Level Detectors (Annex 5, Resolution MSC145(77)) adopted by MSC77 on 5 June 2003.
The Water Ingress Detection system is a complete electronic device utilising current technology, constructed for detection of water solutions and other conductive liquid mixtures. It is constructed to operate under all seagoing conditions.
Detection of ingress of water is achieved by measuring conductivity, through sensor electrodes. Each alarm zone corresponds to a particular visual display with a red light (LED), in the front of the panel that indicates the zone. The visual display and the additional visual and audible display are also activated simultaneously. Alarm conditions, acknowledgement status, sensors failures are transmitted via serial interface to the Voyage Data Recorder or another control system. Signal for initiation of dewatering operations in accordance with SOLAS XII/13


  • Robust 316L stainless steel sensing probe with sensing electrodes protected from mechanical damages and IP68 protection level
  • No floater or other mechanical devices required: no moving parts
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Automatic sensor cable fault detection is provided
  • Built in test facility
  • Alarm overriding for holds and tanks which are used for water ballast is provided with automatic reactivation of the alarm after de-ballasting


  • Each input channel contains a time delay based on sum filter in order to avoid activation from random spray of the sensors from conductive liquids or interferences on the sensor cable. This protects against false alarms and prevents the unnecessary operation of other machinery, for example bilge pump
  • Two sources AC 220V 50/60Hz and DC 24 V Power supply with main power failure alarm function
  • Includes built-in buzzer and flashing lights (LEDs)
  • No danger of electrocution, either from the detector cable or from any other external part of the system. - The system is intrinsically safe
  • Protection from faulty connection is provided
  • Capable of being connected to repeater for additional visual and audible indication via dry contact relays and to other control systems or Voyage Data Recorder via serial RS485 interface