Yoowon Industries Co. Ltd. supplies many kinds of steering gears such as ram types, piston types, rotary vane types, as well as steering gears for VLCC – which boasts a 1.021 ton-m maximum weight and a 45 degree rotation capacity. Yoowon has many years of experience and apply advanced technology to all their designs for all applications from heavy ships through small vessels. Finally, Yoowon Industries produce steering gears for the US Navy based on the US Military Specifications

Yoowon Industries produces filters which are used on ships and in land based industries, are used to clean many types of fluids such as lub oil, fuel oil, liquid chemicals, gasoline, industrial waste and in atomic energy equipment. In particular, automatic filters apply Notch Wire Element technology to automatically back – flush fuel oil and lube oil to keep engines and power generators working at peak performance. The Notch Wire Element filters are manufactured so that semi – permanent fluid extraction is possible with only periodic maintenance. To remove moisture contained in industrial lube oils and gasoline, the separator removes contaminants such as dust by applying the filter in the first stage then removing moisture effectively with the separator in a second stage

Yoowon Industries has been manufacturing several types of deck machines including motor and hydraulic windlasses, mooring winches, towing winches and capstans for many years based on advanced technology.

Yoowon stabilizers are manufactured with technical cooperation with MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. and are capable of monitoring operational states with outstanding roll prevention performance. They have a proven and reliable seal factor, are monitored by a fuzzy control system and are of low maintenance.

Lubrication Oil Console Unit, which supplies lubrication and control oil to turbine generators, shaft seals and pneumatic plants, is optimally designed for easy management and repair. Its compact design takes into consideration ease of installation and operation.